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Art Director

I pioneered the creation of an in-house photo studio, resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced brand oversight. Collaborated with local photographers to produce captivating images exceeding brand standards, fostering a richer, vibrant and more authentic representation of our snacks.


I fostered collaborations, not only with fellow CPG brands for co-branded products and marketing materials but also with industry giants like Universal Studios and Disney, resulting in innovative co-branded promotions and packaging

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My design team and I embarked on exciting projects this year, including a LesserEvil ad campaign for Metro North, creative billboards, and an over the top branded tractor trailer!

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Creating engaging informative materials, from sales catalogs to coloring books, providing customers and vendors with enjoyable ways to explore and understand our products.

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I revitalized the company website through wire-framing and UX redesign, in collaboration with a web development team. We conducted A/B testing to optimize performance. A labor of love, our site now shines with dynamic, product-centric flair.

Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at

I partnered with our Digital Manager, Partnerships Manager, and my very talented design team in revitalizing LesserEvil's digital presence. We transformed our emails, social media, and Amazon page, creating a cohesive, captivating look. Our work drove increased engagement and boosted product sales, emphasizing our commitment to a unified visual experience.

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As Art Director, I expanded my role to lead creative efforts for LesserEvil's acquisition of R.E.D.D. May 2022, I rejuvenated the R.E.D.D. website and social media platforms, giving them a fresh and dynamic new look.

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Teamed up with our Field Marketing Manager to craft vibrant branded installations at health and wellness events, music festivals, grocery stores and trade shows. These initiatives not only promoted LesserEvil products but also educated the public about our use of clean oils. Additionally, we produced promotional SWAG and merch for distribution at these events.

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