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co-brands & partnerships

LE x Jurassic World Dominion

In an exciting collaboration with Universal Studios for "Jurassic World Dominion," I spearheaded the marketing campaign for LesserEvil's exclusive Jurassic World Popcorn. This thrilling project involved creating an array of captivating marketing assets to promote both the popcorn and the blockbuster movie. Customers were offered a chance to embark on their own adventure to Hawaii when they indulged in our popcorn, and I designed and developed a user-friendly landing page for eager participants to enter the exciting giveaway. As the Art Director, I orchestrated the entire creative process, from conceptualizing storyboards and crafting enticing teasers and launch videos for social media to art directing captivating photoshoots that showcased the specialty popcorn bag. Additionally, I masterminded the art direction for paid promotional materials across various retailers featuring the exclusive popcorn bag.


The pinnacle of this project was securing Universal Studios' approval for all our marketing assets, a testament to the remarkable work of my team. We left Universal Studios highly impressed with our creative prowess and successfully generated buzz for LesserEvil's Jurassic World Popcorn.

LE x Disney's d100

A remarkable collaboration with Disney in honor of their centennial celebration, D100, brought to life LesserEvil's D100 Celebration Popcorn. Tasked with promoting this exclusive popcorn and the iconic Disney legacy, I led the charge in creating a vast array of compelling marketing assets. Beyond our partnership with Disney, we joined forces with fellow licensees to orchestrate captivating promotional giveaways that added to the excitement. As the Art Director of this project, I oversaw every facet of the creative process, from art directing storyboards and crafting engaging teasers and launch videos for social media to orchestrating captivating photoshoots that showcased the specialty popcorn bag in all its glory all the while sticking to Disney's very particular guidelines. Additionally, I lent my art direction expertise to paid promotional campaigns across various retailers featuring the limited-edition popcorn bag.

One of the crowning achievements of this endeavor was earning Disney's approval for all our marketing assets. Disney, was totally impressed with our work, recognized the dedication and creativity of my team in commemorating their centennial milestone in a memorable and magical way.


Collaborating with the innovative CPG brand, RIND, we embarked on a tasty journey to create a unique co-branded popcorn experience. Harnessing RIND's dried fruit snack for seasonings, we coated LesserEvil's popcorn to craft a fruity and summery snack that delighted taste buds. Past collaborations like our Cherry Lime Popcorn paved the way, and in the summer of 2023, we launched an exciting Piña Colada flavored popcorn with RIND. In my role, I was entrusted with the creation of an abundance of marketing assets to showcase this delectable delight. As this project was our very own creation, I had the privilege of enjoying complete creative freedom, allowing me to design fun promotions and captivating photography that truly captured the essence of our popcorn.

This project exemplified the power of creativity and collaboration. The successful launch of our Pina Colada flavored popcorn in partnership with RIND not only satisfied cravings but also demonstrated our ability to innovate and create unique snack experiences that resonated with consumers.

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