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Brand Identity

As an art director, I led my talented design team in a collaborative effort to enhance LesserEvil's digital media strategy. This involved working closely with the Senior Digital Manager and Partnerships Manager to give our company's socials as well as our Amazon page a fresh and cohesive look that perfectly aligned with our evolving brand identity. We crafted compelling paid promotions, dynamic product announcements, and engaged in brand collaborations, all while producing captivating product animations, emails, memes, and informative nutritional content. In addition, we meticulously captured lifestyle product imagery and conducted studio photography sessions.

This comprehensive approach resulted in a significant uptick in consumer engagement and, more importantly, a substantial boost in product sales. Our dedication to delivering a cleaner and more cohesive visual experience played a pivotal role in this success story.

NoteworthY Numbers

Snack Pack social posts for Whole Foods - 7M+ Impressions

Lil' Puff social posts for Walmart - 10.6M+ Impressions

Snack Pack social posts for Target - 9.1M+ Impressions

Instagram Follower Growth Rate - Increased 20% from the year before

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